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Gallifrey Scholarship: Was given to Sixth Form Students 16+ students with financial needs attending Millfield School.


Gallifrey Scholarship

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Millfield enables young people to achieve their potential. Exceptional pupils from all backgrounds excel through academic, art, drama, music, sport and chess scholarships. This is the Millfield Mix in action which is a core value of our school. This year, we can continue to maintain our investment of £5 million in fee remissions, which is awarded to extraordinary individuals who demonstrate a potential to achieve great things through commitment and hard work. Over £1.6 million of this is allocated to 300 local pupils through scholarship awards. The awards are earned by those who demonstrate that they will bring excellence and dedication to the Millfield community and benefit from it. Read more

EMILY PRICE, 15 GALLIFREY SCHOLAR: Starting September 2016

We identified Emily through a Golf Open Day at Millfield which she has attended for the last 3 years, pitching her skills to win one of our Golf scholarships. It has been her dream to come to Millfield but she has not been able to accept our previous offers due to the affordability of remaining fees. The Gallifrey award, combined with a contribution from the school will enable her to take a place in the sixth form. Our admissions team are especially enthusiastic about making this available to a young lady with such potential, coupled with her positive attitude. Emily’s father was a Green Jacket in the British Army, after completing his term he was sponsored through Oxford (reading Theology) to become a Church of England vicar. The Price family are notably generous and committed to helping members of the community where they can.
It is clear that given the opportunity through the Gallifrey scholarship, Emily will embrace all that Millfield can offer her. Emily has 4 brothers/sisters and is predicted all As and A* grades at GCSE, her favourite subjects being Maths and Chemistry. She is in the England team for Golf, and is the U15 English and European champion.